"I am 76 years old and one of my wishes is to leave an unpolluted environment, with clean blue skies and white clouds, to our next generations. I am so grateful that the Sunfire Solar made my dream come true! Thanks to all the folks working for this young and green company for their enthusiasm and professionalism."

Yanling Zhang

Calumbia, Maryland

   "We are so pleased with the savings we are seeing with our solar water heater from Sunfire solar we have made plans to host an open house to all of our families/friends and neighbors so more of them can help make a difference in our environment and save on their utility costs."

J. Goldstein

Gaithersburg, Maryland

Solar Water Heating Systems


The Sunfire solar water heaters work simply with sunlight and your local water pressure. There is no electrical energy needed to make them function. The solar water heaters save you energy by pre-heating water that is used by your conventional heater. It's usually designed to meet 60% to 90% of the water-heating load. As a back-up, your current conventional heater is still needed to meet 100% of your hot water demands, such as on cloudy days or for when the solar system is down for service. The solar water heaters are classified as an indirect solar water heater system. It collects solar energy and heats water, which is served as heat transfer fluid in the tank, and then transfers heat to potable water via a heat exchanger.

How Solar Water Heaters Work

Sunfire solar water heaters can installed on a building's roof or nearby on the property. These heaters are panels which are composed of tubes in which water is pumped through, and this in turn captures the UV radiation given off by the sun.

The heated water can then be pumped for use in your building. In tandem with your current water heater, your residential or commercial building is then heated up. Due to the solar heated water, your current water heater will barely have to do work to provide you with hot water, reducing your hot water bill by huge amounts!

Sunfire has maintenance staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any questions or followup requests you may have.